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Big Winning Stories

Year 2008
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To get a big fish, you have to be patient. A whopping RM5,000,000!
Persistence will finally pay off! A Johorean has been placing RM20 bet on his favourite set of 6D numbers ie 971127 for the past 5 years. He recently felt lucky and increased his bet to RM43 during the Chinese New Year period. His persistence and gut-feel really paid off handsomely as his lucky numbers were drawn as the first prize of Toto 6D on 9 February 2008 (Draw no. 2963/08).The lucky encounter also happened to 2 other lucky winners who betted RM3 and RM4 each and won RM300,000 and RM400,000 respectively. What are you waiting for? Act fast and place your bets on Toto 6D. The next winner could be you!
A happy family has created history by winning RM19,274,477.99!
Prosperity and great fortune has to be equally shared. A family of 8 pooled money to wager on a few sets of their favourite numbers on Mega Toto 6/52, true enough lady lucky smiled on them. The enormous combination of good luck from 8 of them won them the highest jackpot in the history of Malaysia as well as Sports Toto ie. RM19,274,477.99.Do you think you will be as lucky as them? Just be mindful of the lucky numbers arounds you, it could be the age combination of your family members, your mobile numbers, your bank account numbers, your car plate numbers, numbers derived from your personal documents or any numbers that are meaningful to you. Who knows, these lucky numbers could bring you great fortune.You could in fact choose to bet on your own or share the bet with your family members. Come 2008, act fast and be the first to join the ranks of millionaire.Go for it - Mega Toto 6/52.
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