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Year 2011
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An Agricultural Product Trading Businessman Hits Jackpot
The RM22,537,854.04 TOTO 4D JACKPOT FOUND A Sarawakian WINNER on 1st November 2011. (Draw no. 3606/11). For playing Toto 4D Jackpot System Play 12, he also won additional prize money totaling RM3,360.00.The winner is an agricultural product trading businessman and his pair of Toto 4D Jackpot winning numbers were "9161 + 4563" which comprises numbers from his brother's car plate and a 4D number that he happened to see trice on the road; all within the same timeframe on that significant draw day. He said that he has been a loyal Sports Toto fan since young.Upon receiving a call from his brother when results were drawn that day, he realised he won the Toto 4D Jackpot top prize. He was indeed dumbfounded with the whopping RM 22,541,214.10 jackpot winning.This Sarawakian winner will place his multi-million fortune in fixed deposits and he would take some time to think and discuss with his family members on how best to use the money. He said that he would allocate a certain amount his winnings to provide agricultural products to needy folks in his neighborhood.So, have seen any meaning numbers today? Go For It!
A Lucky Housewife Swept Away A Massive RM7,938,005 Winning
Windfall often comes in surprising circumstances. It sometimes comes whilst spring cleaning at home when one clears away the forgotten mess. This remarkable twist of fate happened to a simple 40 year old housewife from Penang who fortuitously stumbled on an old forgotten stack of 4D tickets dating back to 2007 whilst cleaning her closet. She decided to try her luck with the timeworn 4D numbers and was thrilled when she won the massive RM 7,938,005.30 million Toto 4D first prize Jackpot.With System Play 12, the housewife bet on 12 sets of 4D numbers that gave her 66 pairs of 4D numbers on 13 August 2011 (Draw No: 3567/11, Saturday). Her numbers "2120 & 6291" won the 4D first prize Jackpot totaling RM7,934,645.28 and an additional RM3,360 for winning 20 sets of the 3rd prize. The wonderful feature of System Play is winning additional prizes.Becoming a millionairess overnight has left the housewife gobsmacked. She is still indecisive of how she would spend her newfound fortune as she is still very much dumbfounded by it all.Every individual will be blessed with good fortune at some point in their lifetime. It is a matter of when to cash out. Be observant! The God of Prosperity is lurking nearby. Sports Toto - Go for it!
Aim BIG, Win BIG!
When good luck comes your way, returns will be bountiful! Sports Toto's RM10, 939,182 4D Jackpot 1 was hit for the first time on 9 June 2011. (Draw No. 3555/11, Saturday, 16 July 2011)A transport officer from Selangor picked a pre-printed System Play 4 ticket displayed at the Sports Toto sales counter. By the stroke of luck, the ticket gave him 2 pairs of winning numbers and thus 2 shares of the jackpot, winning him RM 5,469,591!Alongside this winner were a businessman from Selangor and a retiree from Malacca who bet on the same set of winning 4D numbers "6133 & 2218."The transport officer who won two shares of the jackpot said that this was his biggest win from Sports Toto in 20-odd years. He plans to take his family to New Zealand for a grand vacation. Meanwhile, the businessman would use the money to help his needy siblings and donate some to charity. The retiree, on the other hand said he would now live wonderful golden years!Good luck will be knocking on your door next. You could be the next Big Winner! Sports Toto, Go for it!
RM1,830,000 Won In 1 Day
4 lucky winners from Malacca, Kota Kinabalu Sabah and Kuala Lumpur won RM1,830,000 when the 4D 1st Prize number '9438' and 2nd Prize number '4925' which was drawn on Sunday 10th July 2011(Draw No. 3553/11).Congratulation to the 4 winners.
RM5,766,646.80 falls to Sabah
A salesman in his 30s from Sabah won RM5,766,646.80 through Power Toto 6/55 when his set of numbers '8,11,14,27,33&46' was drawn as 1st prize on 28 June 2011, Tuesday(Draw No: 3546/11).According to the winner, the set of numbers '8,11,14,27,33&46' was the combination of birthdays and ages of his family members which he bet 7 times before eventually winning the Jackpot. He said he will be discussing with his family members on how best to utilise his new found riches.Quickly get your ticket, you could be the next winner.Sports Toto, Go For It.
Lucky Dates & Numbers For A Power Winner
An Executive in his 40s will remember Labour Day 2011 forever. His persistence won him the First Prize amounting to RM20,650,603.60 in Power Toto 6/55 on Sunday, 1st May 2011(Draw no. 3519/11).After betting for several months on a combination of birthdays and ages of family members, his winning ticket, bearing the numbers 4,7,12,22,31 and 49 won him this whopping RM20.6 million Jackpot.Life is full of surprises. You could be the next lucky winner. So, hurry over to your nearest Sports Toto outlet to bet on your lucky numbers.
Lucky Winner Won RM3,648,000!!
A lucky semi-retiree in his 50s, from Selangor won a total RM3,648,000 with the 4D 1st Prize number "2105" which was drawn on Wednesday, 20th April 2011(Draw No. 3513/11).According to the winner, "2105" is his birth date. He has been betting on this number for over 15 years. He normally bets on this number 3 draws before his birthday, but this time his intuition told him to start betting a month earlier. His intuition eventually brought him huge wealth.Believe in your intuition, it could bring you wealth. Sports Toto, Go For It!
Biggest ever jackpot struck in Malaysia. 16 good friends won RM47,969,797.22!
It was a case of accumulated luck for 16 friends from Sabah when they pooled some money together at a Karaoke joint to buy the lottery. They had 9 numbers in mind:02,03,08,19,23,27,28,31 and 56, and they placed a bet on Supreme Toto 6/58, System 9. By betting 9 numbers instead of the usual 6, they increased their chances of winning and gave themselves an enormous opportunity to win more prizes. Amazingly, one set of the numbers - 8,19,23,28,31,56, won them a whopping RM47,842,053.22(Draw no. 3511/11, Saturday, 16/4/2011)! They also won additional prizes amounting to RM127,744 thanks to System Play! This lucky group of 16 eventually brought home a total of RM47,969,797.22, making it the BIGGEST EVER JACKPOT WIN in Malaysia!A simple gathering brought this group of friends great fortune that would last them a lifetime. Investing in a group increases luck and improves the possibility of hitting the Jackpot! So, gather your friends to write your own Millionaire story! Sports Toto, go for it!
Numbers in a dream brought contractor a RM2,000,080.00 windfall!
A contractor from Seremban would have never thought that the numbers that appeared in his dream would bring him millions of dollars! The 6-digit number - 113086,struck the numbers which turned him into a multi-millionaire overnight! Being a loyal customer of Sports Toto, the lucky winner believes in winning more by investing more, which was why he invested RM20 in the Sports Toto 6D Digit Game. His determination paid off when he was rewarded with RM2,000,080.00 (10/04/2011,Sunday,draw no.3509/11),that is when his sweetest dream finally came true!So, if you had a dream,don't let it slip away! Numbers that appear in your dreams may be an omen for better things to come!Sports Toto,go for it!
Retiree is now a millionaire
A retiree from the historical city of Malaka won RM17.7 million by pursuing a set of his favourite numbers through Mega Toto 6/52 lotto game. This loyal Toto customers of over 10 years has been betting on the same set of numbers for almost 2 years. He is an ardent Toto fans and bets every draw without fail. His winning set of numbers (10,11,12,15,23 and 29) eventually won him the jackpot amounting RM17,658,487.80. It was the only ticket drawn as the first prize of Mega Toto 6/52 on 5th April 2011 (Tuesday,draw no.3506/11). In his delight, he said that he will continue to bet responsibly on Toto games.Persistence does pay! Hurry to the nearest outlet to get your numbers. You too could be an instant millionaire by picking your lucky numbers!
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