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Year 2009
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Lucky Winner Bags RM9,534,776 While Travelling!
Never ignore your intuitions because that might be your first step to bagging a jackpot! That is what a homemaker from Sabah learned, as she invested in the Power Toto 6/55 jackpot while travelling on holiday. She chose the System 8 with 8 numbers; her set of lucky numbers was 5, 11, 18, 23, 31, 37, 45, 51. Her investment? RM28. On 30th of December 2009 (Wednesday, draw no. 3282/09), 6 out of the 8 numbers were drawn as first prize, her intuition rewarded her with RM9,494,576.40! On top of that, she also won RM40,200 by placing her bets through System 8! Now, if that wasn't the perfect gift to start the New Year, we don't know what was!So, as our lucky winner would probably tell you, don't be negative and never say "it's impossible"! With a little luck, you too, can be the next multi-millionaire!Sports Toto, it will make your dreams come true!
7 Lucky Winners Won a Total Amount of RM1,400,000
7 lucky punters from various states struck on the set of number '241274' and won a total amount of RM1,400,000 when the number was drawn as 6D 1st Prize on Saturday 21st November 2009 (Draw No. 3263/09).Congratulations to the winners!
Lucky Punter Won Jackpot RM6,774,023 with Lucky Pick Numbers !!!
A lucky winner in his 40s, from Negeri Sembilan, won RM6,774,023 through Super Toto 6/49 1st Prize Jackpot on Saturday 7 November 2009 (Draw No. 3256/09). He bets with 2 sets of 'Lucky Pick' numbers and one of it, '17, 30, 32, 33, 41 & 42' matches the winning numbers.According to the winner, he would just resign from his supervisory job and venture out on his own, lay out a good education plan for his children and save some for future use. Besides, he added that he was going to give RM50,000 to each one of his 20 over extended family members as a way of sharing as well as celebrating.Just get your set of lucky pick number and you could change your life and be the next millionaire. Sports Toto, Go For it!
System Play rewards two farmers with a fortune of RM10,823,541
Inspired by previous Toto Lotto winners, two cousins who own a farm business in Sarawak decided to test their luck by wagering on System Play 7 with a combination of seven numbers derived from the ages of their family members.True enough, with a stroke of good fortune, six out of their seven chosen numbers (9,11,24,37,47 & 52) were drawn as the first prize on 11th October 2009 (Draw No. 3242/09). This made their millionaire dreams a reality as they reaped the rewards in total of RM10,803,741.40. And the excitement doesn't end there. Through System Play 7, they also took home an extra RM19,800 by winning six sets of the second prize.What's amazing is that these two farmers aren't the first to obtain winning numbers from loved ones. And they certainly won't be the last. Who knows, your family could very well be mega-winners too. Sports Toto, go for it.
House Cleaning Brought Her Luck Won RM7,836,718
Do you know you can get your lucky numbers from everywhere?Just like our lucky winner from Perak, she won the jackpot of RM7,836,718.25 on Sunday 26 July 2009 (Draw no. 3206/09) with the set of lucky number '11, 14, 17, 19, 36 & 47'.The numbers were derived from few of the boxes she discovered while doing her house cleaning. She felt inspire to punt on the numbers and turn-up as our Jackpot winner.So, what are you waiting for? Start observing your surrounding now.Sports Toto, Go For It!
Jackpot Winner Won a Total of RM9,142,815 with 'System 8'
The lucky winner from Selangor won a total amount of RM 9,142,815.10 with 'System 8' (Bet on 8 numbers and get 28 sets of numbers). 6 of the numbers '12, 13, 15, 17, 46 & 47' were drawn as 1st prize winning number on Sunday 7 June 2009 (Draw no. 3182/09).Besides the 1st Prize Jackpot winning worth RM 9,102,615.08, the winner also won extra 12 sets of 2nd Prize and 15 sets of 3rd Prize with the amount of RM 40,200 from the other 27 sets of number.With System Play, you are able to cover more possible sets of numbers and create more chances to win! Mega Toto 6/52 System Play, Go For It!
9 Lucky Winners Won Total Amount of RM4,700,000!!!
'740515' were the combined numbers gathered from a few of the colleagues?inspirations and this set of number brought them luck! The lucky punter from Johor won RM 3,000,000 when the lucky number was drawn as 6D 1st Prize on Sunday 7 June 2009 (Draw No. 3182/09).Meanwhile, there were 8 more lucky punters from other states who bet on this same set of number and won the total amount of RM1, 700,000.Congratulations to the winners! Inspiration can come from anywhere!!
¡®RM2 Lucky Pick' Won RM2,298,136.70
A lucky winner from Kuala Lumpur struck Jackpot Toto 6/42 1st Prize Jackpot, a total amount of RM 2,298,136.70 with just RM 2 Lucky Pick numbers! The set of number '4, 13, 26, 28, 31 & 41' was drawn as 1st Prize on Saturday 6 June 2009 (Draw No. 3181/09).The winner plans to allocate some of the money to purchase a house and share the joy with his family members.Why not just try your luck from today onwards? Go For It!
5 Lucky Winners Won A Total Amount of RM4,177,000 !!!
5 lucky winners from Kuala Lumpur won a total amount of RM 4,177,000 with the 4D 1st Prize number '5354' which was drawn on Sunday 3 May 2009 (Draw No. 3167/09).One of the winners told us that the set of number was his car plate number and he started to invest in the number since he met an accident a few months ago. He was glad that the minor accident brought him luck.Congratulations to the 5 winners!
RM11,691,988 Jackpot Windfall for a Lucky Punter !!!
The set of number '01, 09, 20, 21, 30 & 35' was drawn as 1st Prize winning numbers on Saturday 4th April 2009 (Draw no. 3154/09). A lucky punter from Sarawak bet the same set of number and struck the jackpot with the total amount of RM11,691,988.80.The lucky winner mentioned that these winning numbers were derived from the ages of his family members together with his self-pick numbers.Create your own set of number now and Go For It!
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